B.A.R. Certified Evap Pinch Pliers

B.A.R. Certified Evap Pinch Pliers.

Straight Evap. Plier B.A.R. Certification # 1011

90 Degree Evap. Plier B.A.R. Certification #1022

Do to the problem with counterfeit pliers being sold, the B.A.R. now requires that

all Evap Pliers "MUST HAVE THE B.A.R. CERTIFIED PART NUMBERS ENGRAVED ON THE PLIERS" or they are not considered B.A.R. certified.

This new requirement will show the inspectors which evap pliers are B.A.R. certified. So, if yours don't have the part number engraved, they are not B.A.R. certified and you risk being locked out.


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