Black or Green 9 to 16 pin OBD2 OBD-II diagnostic adapter cable CAN/J1939 ELD

$ 35.00 
SKU: SCS69216

This adapter allows you to connect your 16 pin OBD2 scanner, device or cable to BLACK 9 pin Deutsch diagnostics connector found on medium and heavy-duty trucks and equipment 2005 and newer. Also connects to green 9 pin found on 2013 and newer.
The gray end can also be used on 2005 and older that have the GRAY 6 pin in dash
Approximately 12" length
Provides power, ground, CAN/J1939 and J1708/J1587 data found on factory 9 Pin connector
NOTE: Your device or scanner must have 16 pin MALE plug and MUST be able to read J1708 or CAN/J1939 and detailed in picture above
  • One end has Deutsch HD16-9-1939S-P80 GREEN 9 pin plug with locking ring - this connects to your factory connector located in vehicle - you must have the BLACK or GREEN round 9 pin diagnostic in dash to connect this side, works on both GREEN and BLACK!
  • These are the locking ring type connectors not the smooth slide on - this insures that the connector stays connected!
  • Other end has J1962F Female 16 pin OBD2 type connector (this is the same connector that is mounted under dash in passenger vehicles)- this connects to your device such as ELD, scanner, telematics, GPS tracker and so on
  • Provides the following;
OBD2 connector PIN                                          SIGNAL                             
4 & 5                                                                   GROUND
16                                                                        + 12 VDC 
6                                                                          CAN/J1939 + (HI)
14                                                                        CAN/J1939 - (LO)
2                                                                          J1708/J1587 + (HI)
10                                                                        J1708/J1587 - (LO)

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