DREWLINQ 6/9 Pin Deutsch Y Cable CBL-DL-FTL-69Y Type 2 Standard


$ 174.00 



This is the replacement cable for the DrewLinQ adapter, which includes both the 6-pin and the 9-pin connector ends. 

  • 6-Pin covers 1995 to present Class 4-8 MD/HD OEMs and suppliers.  Protocols:
    • J1708/J1587
  • 9-Pin covers 1998 to present Class 4-8 MD/HD OEMs and suppliers.  Protocols:
    • J1708, J1939, CAN1, CAN2, CAN3.
  • Compatible with Freightliner Cascadia.
  • Compatible with PACCAR Class 8 (and “Baby 8”) trucks built on and after 2010 (Dual-CAN) as well as after 2016 (Tri-CAN).

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