HICKOK WAEKON Fuel Cap Pressure Test System


$ 459.00 $ 585.00


FPT2600E Fuel Cap Pressure Test System

The FPT2600 is a hand-held tester that electronically checks a fuel cap’s ability to hold pressure. Brightly colored LEDs indicate NO LEAK, PASS, or FAIL test results in seconds, eliminating guesswork and making it easier to use than other test methods.

The FPT25-4AS BAR-97 certified Fuel Cap Adapter tests all standard threaded caps on foreign and domestic vehicles.

Use Hickok Waekon Fuel Cap Testers with any Stant Fuel Cap Adapter

The FPT25-4 black adapter that is included in the kit works with any Stant Fuel Cap Adapters including the Pass and Fail Standard caps.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick connect adapter changeover
  • Instruction manual
  • Battery operated
  • Limited lifetime warranty on all hard parts

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