HICKOK WAEKON I/M Fuel Cap Pressure Tester Kit


$ 998.00 $ 1,081.50


FPT2600EX1 I/M Fuel Cap Pressure
Tester Kit

Inspection grade fuel cap tester designed for use in State Inspection and Maintenance programs*

Use Hickok Waekon Fuel Cap Testers with any Stant Fuel Cap Adapters

The FPT25-4 black adapter that is included in the kit works with any Stant Fuel Cap Adapter including the Pass and Fail standard caps.

Features & Benefits

  • Battery operated handheld tester electronically check's a fuel cap's ability to hold pressure.
  • Complete set of cap adapters that meet EPA standards for recommended fleet coverage.
  • Pass / Fail Standard for daily calibration checks.
  • Brightly colored LEDs indicate NO LEAK, PASS, or FAIL test results in seconds.

About Pass/Fail Standards:

Under I/M standards, a failed cap can cause the vehicle to fail an emissions test but not cause the Check Engine light to come on. A cap will fail if the leak size exceeds .004" hole = 60cc/min @30" H2O.

Kit Contents

  • FPT2600 Fuel Cap Tester
  • 10 Cap Adapters
  • Pass / Fail Standard
  • Vehicle Lookup Tables
  • User Guide

*Please contact the appropriate Government Agency to identify which Fuel Cap Testing equipment is approved for your State/County Emissions Testing program.

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