HICKOK WAEKON 48365 Pressure Pro PC 5000


$ 399.99 
SKU: SCS48365


High Performance Pressure Measurements on your PC

Accurate pressure measurements are more critical now than ever. Increase your diagnostic accuracy by viewing live pressure readings in Gauge (analog & digital) and Waveform formats all at once on your PC. It's like using an oscilloscope and gauge to look at dynamic pressures at the same time. Available in two models to fit your specific needs.

Features & Benefits

  Pressure Pro PC Pressure Pro PC 5000
Simple point and click operation YES YES
Record, save, and playback up to 30 minutes of data YES YES
Zoom and pan features for in-depth analysis. YES YES
Live data displayed in waveform and gauge formats YES YES
Set markers during recording to locate specific symptoms YES YES
Pressure reading settings for PSI, kPa, and BAR YES YES
Sample rate: 1000 samples/sec. YES YES
Compatible with Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, and Windows® 8. YES YES
Operating Range -30 inHg to 350 psi
(-101 kPa to 2413 kPA)
(-1 BAR to 240.1 BAR)
0 - 5000 psi
(0 to 34475 kPA)
(0 to 345 BAR)
Preset pressure ranges Fuel
Turbo / Compression
Power Steering
Kit contents 30 inHg to 350 psi pressure transducer pill
(1) JIC to 1/4" barb fitting
(1) JIC to 1/8" NPT fitting
10" hose with 7/16" x 20 JIC fitting
15 ft. USB cable
PC appllication CD
0 to 5000 psi pressure transducer pill
12" Extension hose
15 ft. USB cable
PC appllication CD

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