HICKOK WAEKON 75000 Auto Wave Automotive Voltage / Signal Waveform Viewer


$ 399.99 $ 427.45
SKU: SCS75000


Scope Out Voltage Without the Scope!

Use Auto Wave to quickly and easily verify that signals and voltages are present in waveform format using a voltage/time scale without the need for a scope and with more detail than a DVOM.

View signals on ignition primary, fuel injectors, MAF, O2, TPS, crank and cam, PWM components and much more. Purchase the optional SIP Adapter* and also view Secondary Ignition wires and COP Ignition systems waveforms.

Features & Benefits

  • Auto Set Feature — Automatically sets time and voltage scale adjustment for the viewed signal or voltage.
  • Zoom and Pan — Adjust the view of the signal for a more detailed wave form.
  • 4 GB Micro SD Card — Save waveform snapshots for later review on the tool or a PC.
  • Accurate Readings — Sample rate up to one million samples / second.
  • Color LCD Display — Easy viewing of the waveform time and voltage scale.


Please refer to the User Guide for a full list of specifications

  • Voltage Ranges: 150V, 100V, 50V, 20V, 10V, 5V, 2V, 1V
  • Sample Rate: 1 Ms/Sec @ 100uS/Division
  • Voltage Input Range: +/-150V (approx. 170V P/P viewable on LCD
  • Volt Meter : +/-150V DC
  • Accuracy: +/-2% FS (per range)
  • Storage: up to 9999 waves on SD card

Kit Contents

  • Main Unit
  • 9 Volt Battery
  • Storage Case

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